5 News Australia as the name says is a news channel launched by industry professionals and is backed by Star Media Group. Our objectives include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Bringing latest and up-to-date multi-cultural community news to the community members
  2. National and International news of interest to be brought to the community early and in some cases in real time
  3. Promoting harmony among the communities to maintain the beauty of the multicultural Australia.
  4. Multicultural activities promotion, community events promotion and support including live broadcast of significant community events

The main reason for the launch of 5 News is the fact that mainstream Australian media does not and realistically cannot cover every major community event of all communities.  The idea behind the launch was to fill the gap between the community news events and mainstream media, thus acting as a bridge between the two.

While we aim to share the local, national and international news with all communities, we will be ensuring that local community news are available to the mainstream media as well i.e. creating a two-way news flow.