Covid-19 pandemic and US threat to the world

“All the American bluster blaming China for the Covid-19 pandemic is empty posturing” – Finian Cunningham

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo restated what world already knew when he told Fox News whichreveals that he has no further information. Noteworthy this is the US election year anticipated on 03 November 2020. As a great democracy any means to win the election is justified.

According to the reports Covid-19 related death toll in US exceed 60,000 this week, more than all American military deaths in the Vietnam War. War which has always benefited American election.

According to the retired Lt General, William Odom, America profited throughout the Cold War.  War is the income enabler for its “global hegemony. This is a fact, only the duration is in question.”

War experts and political analysts ask, is America using the pandemic for another war. Definitely America would not dare to start a conventional war with China. But then how?  

Forthcoming Presidential election will be a referendum for Trump’s (mis)managed the pandemic, he is desperate to find a scapegoat.

Stephen Lendman quoting the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), that “millions” of the jobless in US are unable to get social welfare benefits. An aggressive war will divert attention from this domestic situation.Remember, 911 was a pretext to invade weaker nations and this began with Afghanistan, and US continues itspower control globally today. US intensified its military threat in the Middle-East having been there for last forty years

Iran, one of the first victims of Covid-19 but “US-imposed economic sanctions has been negatively affecting the Iranian government’s ability to adequately respond to the mounting health consequences”, according to reports.

Despite appeals from UN and others to ease USsanctions on Iran’s economy, Trump regime keeps up maximum pressure campaign against Iran, unleashing a fresh round of sanctions. This time US is targeting Amir Dianat a dual citizen of Iran and Iraq and Taif Mining Services LLC, a mining company.

Iran asked the International Monetary Fund for $5bn in emergency funding to fight corona but the international lender did not respond positively to date.  Kylie Atwood quoted US officials that US would block Iran’s requests from IMF

Julian Borger noted that “when all of humanity is facing a common, invisible, enemy, world leaders have called for a suspension of economic sanctions that have increasingly become the pursuit of war by other means.” Yet Trump administration only responded by intensifying punitive measures on two nations identified as America’s greatest enemies: Iran and Venezuela.

Borger continues that a new list of people and companies linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was targeted. At the same day US unveiled drug trafficking and money-laundering charges against Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro and 14 top current and former officials.

Iran and Venezuela are founding members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).  OPEC was found in Iraq, signing an agreement in 1960 between five nations, other three countries are, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Iran and Venezuela are two friendly and sovereignnations, both having independent foreign policy and both victims of American hegemony and economic terrorism.  The two countries are contemporary allies paving their way to further progress and welfare. Theirties are based on mutual trust and political confidence. Their relationship is solid and friendly with reliable backing for broad cooperation in various fields.

Pompeo called on countries to deny overflight rights to Mahan Air, an Iranian civilian airline, under US sanctions. According to Pompeo, Iranian airline delivered cargoes of “unknown support” to Venezuelan government.  US maintains crippling sanctions on both Iran and Venezuela hoping to overthrow both legal governments and replace with US proxies.  

Jorge Ovalle reports that the purpose of the flight was the conversation between officials, nothing more.  Both countries have had trade relations since 2000 and the relationship only grew exponentially particularly in energy cooperation.  They have tried to sideline the intense US sanctions by strategically forming closercommercial ties.

International community should stop American war adventurism before it is too late. Nothing is above the bar when it comes to their villainy, in 1988, Iran Air Flight 655 from Tehran to Dubai was shot by US Navy murdering 290 civilians on board.


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