We will respect and protect the privacy of any news sources, individuals associated with 5 News Australia directly or indirectly and any other community members unless we have the written (text, email, voice message and any other communication means that can be reproduced, if required) from the origin of a news item.

The information provided to us will never be transferred to any other person, individual or group (unless required by law) for any commercial and not-for-profit reasons.

Any information provided or collected will never be sold to a third party for commercial or non-commercial reasons.

When information is provided by a third party or a third party is collected information through 5 News Australia, it is understood that the Privacy Policy of the third party applies and as such community members should be aware of the fact that policy rules and procedures may be different.  As such 5 News Australia will not be responsible for breach of any privacy matters where information was provided directly to the third party.  This can include live broadcasts from a third party including sports live broadcasts, events etc.

We will abide by the Australian Copyright Act 1968 and subsequent legislative changes relating to print and electronic media until today (25, May 2019)