Venezuela: making another Syria in Latin America

“Coups against leaders who are determined to preserve the independence of their nation and defend the sovereignty of their people orchestrated and engineered by the Deep State in the United States.” Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

While the world was fighting glo bal pandemic that continues to kill thousands, a failed US coup was taking place in Venezuela. The coup was in the form of invasion which was foiled by the Venezuelan government.

The objectives of the invaders were not just to overthrow but to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro. During the operation, several invaders were killed and  two captured Americans confessed  were Airan Berry and Luke Denman.

It is no secret that US has involvement in overthrowing legal government of sovereign nations which refuse tofollow orders from Washington. 

US supports the opposition politician Juan Guaido who has been accused of hiring these two US mercenaries according to Venezuelan communication minister Jorge Rodriguez. 

World has witnessed similar scenarios in other countries particularly in the Middle East.  Syria has been the victim of America’s political agenda of regime change since 2011.

Many political analysts are opined that the latest events in the Latin American politics are mirrored in Syria. America’s political rhetoric ‘threat to US’ is enough basis to invade any nation or overthrow any legitimate government.  Regardless of the fact that Syria has never threatened US nor attacked US interests, for the past nine years has been relentlessly trying to overthrow the Syrian government.  

People of Syria not only overwhelmingly elected Bashar al Assad as their president both before and during the conflict, Assad continues to be immensely popular within Syria. 

As noted by Robert Roth, if you have been following in the mainstream media (MSM) covering the conflict in Syria, your mind would be probably made up aboutSyrian president Bashar al-Assad as a “brutal dictator”. You might imagine of Assad “killing his own people”. You would have followed the narrative of the US, UK, Saudi ArabiaTurkey and Qatar’s repetition of “Assad must go”.

To understand what has been really happening in Syria, one must separate the MSM propaganda from the truth. The US excuses given that it supports “the opposition”to a sitting government is simply to invade other nations. By now the world has come to realise theactual type of opposition in Syria.

As the name indicates the objectives of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria was obviously created to destroy Iraq and Syria. It has nothing to do with democracy. The failed coup in Venezuela was paralleled earlier in Syria, which continues to bleed with sectarian colour spreading through its volatile neighbourhood- Arab Muslim nations.

The effect of US imposed economic sanctions on Iran since it overthrew Shah Pahlavi four decades ago, has made Syria the closest ally to Iran. Now Venezuela and Cuba are subjected to US sanctions. These four nations share an independent foreign policy which does notlook towards America. US tightened sanctions on Iran during pandemic despite UN and other nations requestto ease them.

Iran having faced long term economic sanctions now shares that experience with Venezuela and is helpingthe South American nation to break US blockade.                                                                      

“US waged wars by many means against nations threatening no one, including countless coups — seeking to control them and their resources.”  Stephen Lendman


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